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Pantone TPG new pantone FHIP100 new add 210 colors TPX pantone

The New TPG Color Guide & Specifier Set has 210 new colors included for year 2016.

Total Colors: 2310

The New Pantone Fashion, Home & Interiors Specifier Chips Set & Color Guide has 210 new colors as well as the old 2100 colors. The index and color numbers of the old numbers have not changed. The new colors have been added with new color numbers. TPG prefix is included before every color and the specifier chips set has 6 removable chips of size approximately 1cm *1cm each where as the guide has non-removable colors in the format of a fan of size 4.2cm by 2cm.

Pantone Color Specifier & Guide Set TPG FHIP230N [Inc 210 New Colors]

The new Pantone Color Guide & Specifier set [Chips Set] has 210 new colors for the year 2016. This product has been upgraded from the earlier TPX edition. TPG stands for textile Paper Green. The update to TPG has been mandated for a better user experience. The set now comes with 2 guides and 2 chips book. The colors have been split into 2 books and guides for better handling since the volume of colors had increased. 


2,310 Pantone Fashion + Home & Interiors colors in a 2 Book set for better handling and usage

Six easily removable paper chips of each color for palette colours research, colour communication and as templates for design sketches, prints and files.

Colors are numbered according to the index so it is very easy to find them.

If pages are depleted of chips then individual chips can be purchased by page numbers.

The latest Color Manager software for download with the serial codes will be available.

Specs & Improvements

210 New paper colours.
Color numbers feature new TPG suffix with new index.
International standards for environment friendly maintained.
Two Book Chips set and guides included.

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