Carbon Monoxide Detector

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DESCRIPTION ( Carbon Monoxide Detector ) CO-110 test instrument can detect carbon monoxide to carbon monoxide (CO) out there and measured the concentration of 1-1000 PPM. The instrument through three ways to show the presence of carbon monoxide: 1, through the LCD screen on the readings (PPM units) 2, through a "beep beep" sound 3, through two colors of light-emitting diodes to alarm The liquid crystal display devices through the readings and "beep beep" sound alarm to detect carbon monoxide. "Beep beep" alarm function is similar to the Geiger counter ticking sound: 1, 200 PPM over the concentration of carbon monoxide, the "beep beep" sound alarm will continue along with the flashing red and blue 2, 35 PPM to 200 PPM between the concentration of carbon monoxide, "beep beep" sound alarm will continue along with the red flash. pecifications Products Parametric 銆€ CO-110 Operating temperature 0掳C~+50掳C Storage Temperature -30掳C~+60掳C Operating humidity 0 percent to 99 percent relative humidity Measuring range 0~1000PPM Measuring resolution 1PPM Error 5 percent or +10PPM Warm-up time